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April 16, 2016  |  Posted by Debbie Matthews

For years now we’ve seen customers’ pets, as well as some of our own, suffer from severe allergies.  What do you do when you want to share an occasional treat with a furry family member who suffers from a debilitating condition that can cause an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) episode, vomiting, or skin conditions such as hot spots and hair loss?  We’ve heard people say they’ve tried “everything under the sun” as the saying goes.  But have they?

We’ve been trying to wrap our heads around this issue for years…and then it came to us.  Try one ingredient – a single protein, but not just any protein.  How many pets with allergies are sensitive to beef or chicken, as well as grains? This really narrows the treat selection!  We have so many customers who’ve given up finding treats for their pets out of frustration.  Many off-the-shelf, even jerky-like treats put your pet at the risk of  an ‘explosion’ (yes you know what I mean).  In some instances, said products cause reactions that have pets pulling out clumps of hair causing nasty hot spots. Both cases end with a trip to a vet in order to treat the symptoms of the allergic reaction.

To address this issue we and many of our customers have, we’ve started our own line single-ingredient, single-protein treats – proteins which many pets have not been exposed to, such as buffalo, venison, and elk.

Matthews Kennels is proud to introduce NATURALS.  NATURALS are 100% Single Protein Dehydrated Treats.  At this time, available proteins are Dehydrated Buffalo Liver, Venison Liver & Elk Liver.  We are hoping to expand our product line with dehydrated kidney, heart, and other organ tissues that are full of essential vitamins and minerals. We purchase all raw game ingredients from Bearbrook Game Meats Farm, located right here east of Ottawa.  Not only are their animals raised chemical-free (no antibiotics, no hormones, or other chemicals) but are also pastured, resulting in a much higher quality of life for the livestock and a higher quality of meat for our pets!

All NATURALS treats are made on our premises by us, by hand, and in small batches to ensure freshness.  Call in your order 613 838-2018 or 613 282-0705, let us know how your pet enjoys their treats – thick, crunchy, or thin like a chip

We are proud to offer these new treats from our family to yours, available only here at Matthews Kennels for $9.99 per 100g bag.  I hope that you give them a try and we look forward to all the feedback from your much-loved pets!


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