Barker's Brunch Raw Dog Food

Not sure how much Barker’s Brunch Raw Dog Food to feed your dog?

Multiply your dogs weight by the percentage (1.5% to 3%) to get the “daily” amount of food for your canine friend.

  • 1.5% for dogs who could loose some weight.
  • 2% for dogs who are an ideal weight with medium energy.
  • 2.5% for dogs who need to gain some weight or are higher energy.
  • 3% for dogs that need to gain weight or are working dogs.

Example: A 50 lb dog of ideal weight and medium energy would eat 1 lb of Barker’s per day.  If we fed that dog twice a day he/she would get 8oz at each meal.

Still unsure??  Give us a call 613 282-0705 or 613 838-2018, we’d love to help.  

ProductsIngredientsSizeCost per LbCost per Bag
Beef Products
Signature BeefContains : Beef liver, heart, tongue, lung, tripe, spleen, kidney, and beef trim (equivilant to approx. a medium ground beef)2 lb$2.75$5.50
Beef TripeGrounf Beef Tripe2 lb$2.50$5.50
Chicken Products
Chicken Backs3 lb bag$2.00$6.00
Chicken Necks3 lb$2.16$6.50
Chicken Feet3 lb$2.16$6.50
Signature ChickenContains: Ground chicken necks with organ (heart & liver)2 lb$2.50$5.00
Turkey Products
Turkey Necks 2 lb bag$3.00$6.00
Turkey Drummiessold per pkgapprox 2 lbs$6.00
Lamb Products
Ground Lamb tripe2 lb$3.00$6.00
Signature LambLamb meat, lamb tripe, lamb lung, liver, heart & kidney. Kelp , fine ground egg shells2 lb$4.25$8.50
Lamb Tripe & Ground Chicken50% Lamb tripe , 50% ground chicken necks2 lb$2.75$5.50
Lamb (organ & tripe) & Ground ChickenGround chicken necks, lamb tripe, lamb lung, liver heart & Kidney, lamb meat.2 lb$2.75$5.50
Pork Products
Signature PorkGround Pork meat, fat, liver, kidney & lung. Fine ground egg shells2 lb$3.25$6.50
Pigs Feet2 per pkg (approx 4 lbs)$5.25
Pork PancreasPork Pancreas2lbs per pkg$8.00$16.00
Salmon Products
Signature Salmon (with bone)2 lb bag$3.25$6.50
Specialty Mixes
Beef & Chicken Mix50% Signature Beef mix
50% ground chicken backs/necks
2 lb bag$2.50$5.00
Beef & Fish Mix85% Signature Beef mix
15% ground Salmon
2 lb bag$3.00$6.00
Performance Puppy Mix15% green tripe
15% ground turkey
45% ground chicken necks
5% ground salmon
20% Signature Beef mix
Farm Fresh Eggs and Kelp
2 lb bag$3.00$6.00
Veggies & Fruits
Signature VeggieContains :
Spinach,zucchini, Kale, parsley, celery, carrot, sweet potatoe, apple, ginger, lemon & kelp
1 lb bag of frozen cubes$5.495.49
Simply thaw & serve with your dogs meal.

We personally recommend feeding 1 cube per day per 50lbs of dog.
Signature FruitContains : Apple, Pears, carrots, spinach, kale, cranberry, blueberry1 lb bag of frozen cubes$3.49$3.49
Beef Marrow Bone - SingleSingle Large Beef Marrow Bone6" - 9"$9.99
Beef Marrow Bones - 2 packMedium Beef Marrow Bones - 2 packapprox 3" - 5"$12.99
Beef Neck Bones3 bones per pkg.$5.00
Beef Ox Tailapprox 4" long pieces
sold per package
Beef Rib Bones2lbs per pkg.
approx 3"-5" long

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